Dear Fellow Parent,

I don’t have to tell you that parenting can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world and at the same time, one of the most difficult.

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the job at a particular stage in your child’s development, they move into a new stage, like the teen years, that presents a whole set of new challenges.

As a mother myself of two adult sons and god mother to two nieces, I know from first-hand experience, just how much of an emotional roll a coaster ride, parenting can be.

I feel blessed to be able to say that I have a very close relationship with my sons and that they have grown into decent, well adjusted, hard-working and caring young men.

But I have to be honest and admit there were times when I wasn’t so certain this would be the outcome. Parenting can sometimes make you feel lonely, scared, frustrated, angry and sad, all in the one day.

There were some days when I felt like a complete failure as a parent, struggling to find the answers to questions I had and reacting to situations in a way that I knew were far from ideal.

You see I raised my children just before the information age exploded and solutions to so many problems became just a few clicks away. I honestly believe that my parenting years would have been made much easier if I had access to quality advice, when I needed it.

Today, the situation has gone to the extreme in that there is so much advice in so many places from so many people that it’s difficult to know where to start, who to turn to and who to believe.

That’s why Parenting Breakthroughs was created, a one stop library of parenting information from experts in the field of child psychology and child care, covering the most common issues facing caring parents in the 21st century.

Just as in the health industry, new discoveries are being made every day by practicing psychologists, doctors, researchers and other child care professionals, on how best to handle particular childcare issues.

Unfortunately, these parenting breakthroughs are not often publicized in the mainstream media. Apparently good news stories don’t sell newspapers! And who has time to read newspapers anyway?

All of this leaves gaping holes in the information you should or could be getting. Yet these “under reported” discoveries can be of tremendous importance to you and those you love.

Parenting Breakthroughs brings you the latest parenting practices being recommended by leading childcare authorities in the USA and around the world.

The unpublicized parenting breakthroughs you will discover here at Parenting Breakthroughs represent the latest and best parenting information on the planet, all in one place.

Finally, you can break through the most difficult challenges modern parents are facing with advice from experts all around the world, all in one place.

To Your Parenting Success,

Leanne Bell
Co-Founder & Editing Director
Parenting Breakthroughs.com

Email: leanne@parentingbreakthroughs.com