Teens & Pornography: The 5 Dangers Every Parent Needs to Know

One thing is for sure, either on purpose or by accident, your teen will see pornography at some point.

As parents, it’s essential that we keep our children safe from the potentially negative impacts of pornographic content by talking with them and explaining what it presents and what are the dangers associated with it.

Though sexual exploration and curiosity is a part of human nature which usually begins during the teen years, pornography is not the same and it can have scarring effects on our children.

But, are all parents aware of its impact on teen relationships, sexual taste and the act sexual intercourse?

Nowadays, the easy access to the internet allows immediate access to all kinds of websites and applications, including pornographic content. Your teen is one click away from seeing potentially damaging content.

Explicit online content is much different today than it was 20 or 30 years before- seeing pornography is easy as googling, a lot of it is available for free, and newer pornography is considered even more extreme and graphic.

As a recent Canadian survey found, 40% of boys between 4th and 11th grade have searched for pornography online and a lot of them admitted doing this on a frequent basis.

Moreover, in an Australian study with 1000 teens surveyed, all of the male participants had seen pornography whereas 85 percent of them were watching it at least every week.

But, it is not just boys – a lot of girls also noted accessing pornographic content and almost 20 percent of them admitted watching it at least once per week.
By reading this report, you will learn;

• The 5 most damaging effects pornography has on our teens’ health and well-being and what we can do to protect them plus,

• 10 tips to help you discuss the dangers of pornography with your teens and tweens

Though your teen may find pornography exciting, it may also be intimidating. In most cases, as Psychology Today explain, pornography presents a world in which relationships have no meaning and the only thing that matters is getting immediate sexual gratification.

By watching this type of content on a regular basis, a teen’s growing brain is learning to expect relationships and sexual intercourse to be two different things and that sexual exaggeration (like the one portrayed in pornography) is an acceptable norm.

Unfortunately, this puts them at a higher risk of feeling shame about his/her body and not being aroused by his/her partner’s body.

Although we cannot prohibit pornography or completely restrict our children from using the internet, we can do our best to inform ourselves about its negative effects on our teens’ health and well-being and do our best to protect them.

5 Damaging Effects of Pornography on Teens

1. Negative brain impact

According to Gabe Deem from Huffington Post, in a study during which the brains of porn users were scanned, the results showed a link between the time spent on watching pornographic content and reduction in the grey matter of the reward circuitry in the brain.

This circuitry, which activates to sexual stimuli, was less active in the participants who watched porn on a weekly basis.

Low grey matter needs more stimulation to reach the same effect and this has been scientifically proven.

This could be a potential explanation to as why young porn users have problems reaching erections without watching porn or with a partner.

2. It can be addictive

Whenever we feel good, dopamine, a hormone, is being activated in the body. This hormone is in charge of mood, pleasure, attention, and memory.

And, watching porn is known to excite teens because it satisfies their sexual urges. However, by watching too much of it, higher levels of dopamine will be released and this may result in addiction.

Your teen’s brain will unconsciously begin to stimulate dopamine to the point where the body will start to depend on it. Consequently, this may turn into pornography addiction and mess with his/her health and well-being.

3. Harms his/her love life

Pornography is part of a virtual, unreal life and in real life, to be loved and to love, we need a real person.