Parenting Teenage Girls: 5 Vital Tips for Raising Teenage Girls

Without doubt, raising teenage girls can be a difficult challenge for the best of families, with no two teen girls being the same.

However, regardless of their circumstances or personality, all of them have specific things in common, ie, the hormonal and brain changes, the peer pressure, and the mixed messages.

From rolling eyes to frustrated responses, as parents of teenage daughters, we often feel clueless about how to raise them in a healthy way and gain their trust.

The first step to “survive” this challenging period is to understand what your daughter is going through. And, learn proper communication methods that will be helpful for both our children and for us.

In this report, you will discover WHY teenage girls can be difficult and learn 5 tips on HOW to break through when raising teenage daughters.

Parents Have It Tough But So Do Today’s Teenage Girls

It is not uncommon for parents of teen daughters to feel as if they are their daughter’s favorite target for releasing all of their pent-up anger and frustrations.

Though parents do not have it easy, their daughters are also struggling- even more than previous generations did.

Nowadays, female teenagers have to deal with a lot of stressors that increase their risk of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harming attitude, according to Lucie Hemmen, a clinical psychologist who specializes in teens.

Because of the insufficient experience and coping mechanisms, many young daughters feel overly stressed whereas their parents deal with excessive worry and feel powerless in trying to make things better.

Though they may have hoped for a daughter – parent relationship full of love, guidance and mutual trust, this is not the reality for many families.

So, the normal question which pops up here is “How to help our daughters feel safer and more “in control” and consequently, help ourselves go through this testing period easier?”

Why Can Teen Daughters Be “Difficult”?

One thing is for sure – today’s adolescent girls are strong, smart, and spirited. They do not shy away from expressing their opinions on all kinds of matters and are known to feel things in a much deeper way.

In a large part, this puberty-related behavior is a result of the numerous physical and mental shifts they are going through and the world they are currently living in.

All of this can confuse parents- they may not remember that they also went through similar experiences or are cannot relate.

As they are trying to establish their independence and are spending more time with their peers, they are clashing with parents and family members.

It’s these times in a parent-child relationship when a ‘cool head’ is required so that conflicts are managed rather than escalated.

Even though the stereotype of teenage daughters slamming doors, yelling, and crying is not necessarily the case with all girls, it does hold some truth and research points out that teen mood swings are a common occurrence.

And, it was found that the female participants exhibited severer levels of shifts in mood.

5 Useful Tips for Raising a Teenage  Daughter

1. Keep the communication as positive as possible

One of the most common parenting mistakes is asking direct questions in order to find out more about their teen’s lives.
This may work with some individuals, but a more recommendable approach would be to just sit back and learn how to listen to your teen.

When children do not feel pressured, they feel freer to share more. Of course, this does not mean that you should not show interest in what is going on in her life- simply avoid giving unnecessary comments and prying.

Be present for her and offer your guidance. Ask her if she wants to her your advice or opinion on a certain matter- if she accepts, okay. If she does not, it is okay too.

What’s more, avoid depreciating her dissatisfactions and disappointments- show understanding and empathy instead.

For example, if she has broken up with her boyfriend, do not resort to phrases such as “Do not worry- he was not for you anyway!” and use ones more similar to “it must be tough going right now, huh?”

2. Be understanding of the hormonal changes she is going through

Puberty can bring a lot of turmoil in your daughter’s life. The hormonal and brain changes happening can trigger a lot of emotional and social challenges and affect her self-esteem, personality, and social relationships.

So, it’s no wonder your once lovely girl is now working on developing her identity and expresses her opinions more than ever before.

And, this may include you- she will “push” against you or what they perceive as control over them. Remember, your teen is not necessarily behaving like that just to spite you!

In fact, a major contributor to their changes in personality and attitude are the hormonal fluctuations. She may also exhibit more impulsivity and risk-taking behavior.

Unfortunately, as a result of these surges, she may begin to experiment with alcohol or drugs or have unsafe sexual intercourse. Many young girls feel as if they are being controlled by nature, rather than by their decisions.

This is where we step in as the adults – you need to show her that you are her best support system and that you are always open for advice and directions on how to navigate easier through this confusing period in their life.

3. Teach them about self-responsibility