Raising Teen Boys: 5 Truths For Parenting Teen Boys

Though it may not feel like you have a lot of influence when raising teen boys, their attitude has a lot to do with the strength of your connection.

According to Aha! Parenting, quality relationships between teens and parents have been linked with satisfying academic performance and overall happiness.

On the other hand, a poor or conflict-filled parent- teen relationship has been associated with drug and alcohol experimentation, early sexual activity, and violence.

A good connection however, requires both sides to cooperate. And teens, especially boys, are not “champions” in expressing themselves verbally. So, trying to maintain a good connection with your teenage son may appear as the most difficult thing ever.

Undoubtedly, conversations with our teenage boys do not always go as planned.

As Gregory L. Jantz from Psychology Today explains, many parents tend to get frustrated after an attempt to talk with their teenage sons because they often get stares, grunting responses, slouching postures, and silence. How do you follow that?

It’s also not uncommon for teen boys to become withdrawn physically, socially, and emotionally, as a result of the transformation from childhood to adolescence.

As Apt Parenting note, teenagers go through numerous mental and physical changes and so their attitude, thoughts and feelings may drastically change.

Your teenage boy is trying to build his identity at home, at school, and amongst peers. But, this doesn’t always mean that he is prepared for the ongoing new challenges.

The confusion in his mind may often be seen in his actions, which can be both positive and negative.

Hence, as parents, we need to have a better understanding of what our teenage sons are going through and approach them accordingly.

Even though this is definitely not easy, raising our teen sons does not necessarily have to be such a turbulent period.
A great way to begin our journey towards better parent-son communication is to learn the major truths about what may be happening with your teenage boy.

So here are the 5 major truths about parenting teen boys;

The 5 Truths about Parenting Teen Boys

1. Use their competitive side positively

Of course, there are moments when we need to explain to our teen boys that we are on their side and completely trust and support him.

This will pave the way for better communication and he will be able to express his thoughts and feelings more easily when he feels that you are on the same side.

However, there are cases when we may need to “trigger” their competitiveness if we think that he can respond well to a challenge you have presented him with.

For example, if he wants you to increase his curfew for weekends, tell him that it is possible if he betters his grades or if he becomes more involved in extracurricular activities.

2. Boys need time

You had an important conversation with your boy; however, you are not sure if he understood all of your points well or if he has answers to the questions you had.

In situations like this, it is vital to know that a lot of boys may need hours, days or even weeks to process the essence of a conversation.

Don’t immediately get angry or disappointed if you do not get the expected answers or feedback- give them more space and time to reflect on the topic before you go back to it.

After some time, you may actually be positively surprised about the insights he acquired from your discussion.

3. There is more than meets the eyes