Fathers and Teen Daughters: 10 Ways to Strengthen the Bond

Fathers across the world share a special bond with their young daughters. Fathers will recount the wonder of their daughter’s birth.

They hold dearly the photos of their daughter’s first birthday and treasure the hand drawn Father’s Day card that says “To my favrit daddy”.

And daughters too will fondly remember the times when they snuck out to McDonalds with dad without telling mom and the times dad came to school to see her on parent’s day.

But as a girl reaches puberty, things begin to change and her circle of influence broadens and she starts to learn that different parents have different rules.

Puberty brings its own set of challenges for pre-teens and all too often heralds the onset of anxiety.

It’s at this stage that daughters will often take a step back from their parents, especially dad.

They are far more likely to discuss problems with their mother or someone outside the family than talk to dad.

Now, not knowing what it’s like to be a woman, can make fathers seem less relevant and helpful, a far step back from that little girl’s super hero.

If ignored, this gap between father and daughter may continue to grow throughout the teen years, robbing both of a bond that can and should continue to be the source of wonderful memories to be enjoyed for eternity.

Instead of just throwing in the towel and leaving it up to mom to be the primary go to person and confidant, fathers need to realize the power they hold in helping to raise strong, wise and warm daughters.

This report will help fathers better understand the power they possess to positively influence their teen daughters’ lives as well as provide;

The top 10 things you can do that will help strengthen that special bond, PLUS  The top 6 secret topics daughters wish they could discuss with their fathers, but can’t.

These tips are based on a breakthrough research study by Australian author and mother Madonna King who interviewed 1300 girls aged 10 to 17, and sought the views of 400 fathers and dozens of school principals across Australia.

10 Ways to Strengthen the Bond Between Father and Daughter


1. Love her unconditionally – and make sure she knows it because so many girls say that they weren’t sure. Tell her.


2. You have the power to build a daughter’s confidence, or to crush it. Value her opinion and encourage her to speak out with respectful views, even if  they don’t match your own.


3. Fathers have a responsibility to be there, when they can. Really be there. Do not – despite any encouragement from your daughter – take a step back.


4. Pick an interest or a project and develop it with her. A love of Ed Sheeran’s music or a weekly park run, a charity project – build memories together