Discover What Smartphones Are Doing to Our Teenagers

Even though we live in a modern era where technology is omnipresent and it certainly betters our lives, one can’t deny that it has caused significant societal changes in the last decades, from how we socialize to how we study.

One of the major changes has to do with young people and how they interact and live. In order to increase the awareness about the impact of technology on teenagers, we will explore how smart phones affect them.

As Mike Brooks from Psychology Today asserts that nowadays, one of the many struggles that parents face is whether to allow their children to have a phone and or not.

This is quite the common parenting challenge given that despite increasing evidence about the negative effects of smartphones on children, the number of children using smartphones is not decreasing.

But, since smartphones may be beneficial for both the children and parent, dismissing it entirely may not feel to be the smartest decision.

Torn between the need to provide for their children on one side and research saying that their child’s health may be in danger on the other, parents remain perplexed about what to do.

To be able to make an informed decision that will put your teenager’s health and well-being first, it’s important to understand the positive and negative effects of smartphones on your teenage boy or girl.

In this report, we highlight 3 key reasons why your teen or tween can benefit from a smart phone and also point out 6 potential dangers parents must be aware of as well as tips on how to reduce their risk.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Give Your Teenager a Smartphone?

Without doubt, the internet and social media play a significant role in the lives of people these days, especially in the lives of the youth, so one can’t deny that smartphones have their perks.
As a parent who needs to make an important decision, putting yourself in your child’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective can be a big help. The list shown below includes three good reasons why your teen needs a mobile phone, according to Teen Safe:

1. Helps them feel included

Nowadays, teenagers do not just hang out together a lot, but they also text or call each other when they are not together. Not having a smartphone may cause your teenager to feel as if they are missing out and not enjoying the same things as their peers.

A parent needs to realize that social acceptance plays a crucial role in your teenager’s life.

2. Helps them be more tech-savvy

By adapting to technology and its advantages from early on, teenagers may increase their chances of getting a good job in adulthood as there are more and more jobs requiring the usage of the internet, computer programs, phone applications, and so on.

3. Helps them be better at school

Since there are a lot of schools that implement the usage of computers and numerous computer programs for different assignments, your child’s homework or other projects may require a quick access to some application or the internet, which your child can do on his/her phone.

Also, Wikipedia and Google are major information databases and teenagers can use them on their phone without needing their computer, i.e. they can do this at any time of the day and wherever they are.

By making access to information quicker and easier, the chances of success project completion increase.

6 Potential Dangers for Teens and Tweens using Smartphones

1. Smartphones encourage sedentary lifestyle

Unlike before the era of smartphones, today’s children often fail to get the required amount of physical activity because they spend a large part of their day sitting (in school, at home doing homework or eating, etc.).

Using a smartphone is just an additional time spent sitting, as explained on Life Hack. Keeping the body active is essential for young people so that they can preserve optimal heart, brain, muscle, bone, and lung health.

According to Functional Movement, prolonged sitting elevates the chances for diabetes, heart problems, cancer, orthopedic issues, and neck and backache.

To prevent negative effects, talk to your teenager and explain them the importance of exercise for their well-being and ask them to try out an extra-curricular activity that will decrease smartphone overuse, for example, football or gymnastics, and increase their level of exercise.

2. Smartphones cause sleep deprivation

Elise Moreau from Life Hack explains that smartphones release a so-called blue light which confuses the inner clocks of the body.

We rely on our biological rhythm (both adults and children) for the regulation of sleep; however, when we stay too late looking at this blue light, it actually informs our brain that it is not time for sleep, but time to be awake.

This results in sleeplessness, tiredness in the morning, poor performance, grogginess, and so on. Therefore, have a set time in the evening when your child needs to stop using all technology and dedicate this period to maybe play a game together or read a book or listen to their favorite music.