5 Apps That Teens Are Using That Parents Need To Know About

Without doubt, children today “love” their smartphones and apps; however, as conscious parents, we need to know that not everything about these devices is fun and games.

Did you know that teenagers spend approximately 9 hours per day using social media? And, when summer break is on, the numbers elevate.

You may know some of the most popular applications your teenage daughter or son is using and think that they’re ‘alright’ and ‘safe’; but, you should never take these (and similar) apps for granted.

In fact, they may expose your child to a range of negative experiences, including cyber bullying and even sexual abuse and assault.

The Era of Cyberbullying Is Here!

Cyberbullying happens when a person, whether a child or an adult, is being intimidated or harassed online. Reach Out emphasize that this is one of the most difficult types of bullying to deal with as it cannot be easily controlled and is invisible to a larger group of people.

Taking into account that our children spend a lot of time online, we need to make sure they are safe from harm. We can achieve this by increasing our awareness about cyberbullying, the effects it has on people, and learn as much as possible about how to reduce our teens’ exposure to it.

Unfortunately, as experts explain, sexual predators use the internet to find victims. This method enables them to stay anonymous and lure children without the risk of detection or apprehension.

Since today’s teenagers use their smartphones for a lot of different purposes, they also install all kinds of apps. As parents, it’s our duty to know which applications our teens are using and their upsides and downsides.

By doing so, we are better equipped to explain to them the potential negative aspects and help them have a positive experience online.

In this report, you will discover the 5 most popular apps your teen may be using and why you as a parent, need to be cautious about them.

Be Extra Careful If Your Teen Uses these 5 Apps   


As Life Hack point out, a survey from 2014 found that this is the most popular social media among more than 7,000 surveyed teens.

Though used by both adults and children, young people seem to be the most active users. They enjoy this application because it allows editing photos with cool effects, writing interesting captions, using hashtags, and sharing the photos on other social media.

By enhancing the color or brightness with the Instagram effects, your teen feels creative and a bit more “awesome” online, according to Common Sense Media.

People are attracted by the quick feedback of the app and the ability to collect positive comments and an abundance of followers who are watching your stories and posts daily.

But, the comments are not always positive and a negative comment may cause your teenager to feel bad. Or, he/she may be the one writing negative comments on someone else’s feed.

Therefore, we need to teach our children how to comment properly and respectfully and how to deal with rude followers.

Advise your teenager to set their Instagram profile to private and to turn off the location. Tell them that they are not “obliged” to accept followers who they do not know.

These privacy settings are there for a reason and we should help our teens make use of them and enjoy Instagram safely.

2. Tinder

Tinder was originally set up as a dating app used to “hook up” or to have no-strings-attached sex.